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The avi-cultural community is small, but growing fast. At ABC Birds we think that it is important for avi-culturists (those who love and keep birds) to band together for the future of our birds.

These organizations offer many opportunities for bird lovers to:

Learn about Birds
Help with the conservation of birds
Share activities with other bird lovers
Contribute to avian research and the future of birds

All of these groups are populated by bird lovers. Some of them have 1 beloved pet bird and some of them have hundreds of wonderful birds. Some of the people in these organization are new to birds and some of them are pioneers of avi-culture as it is today. Some of these people have full time jobs and just enjoy contributing when they can. Some of these people have devoted their lives to birds.

There is a place for everyone and there is much work to be done.

Avian Research is important to the future health and happiness of our birds. Find a way to help support avian research. There are many ways to help and many organizations that working hard for our birds.